When was the last time you looked at a stranger and said to yourself, “Oh my, this one is up to no good” based on what he/she looked like? At one time or another, the majority of us have done it. We see a certain group of people and automatically think we know exactly what they are about based on what society has embedded into our minds. In a nutshell, that is stereotyping which is judging a book by its cover.
A stereotype is a fixed, commonly held belief, notion or image of specific social groups, or types of individuals.   It is based on the generalization of some observed or imagined trait of behavior or appearance. Stereotype, in most cases, reflects perception that certain groups of people hold about others who are different from them. In today’s day and age there are so many different types of stereotyping. There are racial and ethnic stereotyping, gender stereotyping, sexually-oriented stereotypes, and socio-economic stereotypes. Racial and ethnic stereotyping usually includes the type of race or races one belongs to. In example, all Mexicans are lazy stereotypes all of them. Just because of one or two bad apples in the barrel, the whole batch is ruined. Gender stereotyping includes masculine, feminine, and/or transgender. In example, all women are bad drivers. Sexually-oriented stereotypes include gay, lesbian, and bisexual. Socio-economic stereotypes pertain to the classes such as homeless, lower class, working class, and upper-class depending on how much income one brings into the household.
Politicians are in the public eye twenty-four hours a day seven days a week whether we like it or not. They are fighting to make the country a better, more stable place to live. They have probably the worst stereotype generalization of being hypocritical, dishonest, backstabbing, bribe-accepting, con-artists who are in it for the popularity contest that America calls our government. Politicians are viewed in a negative light and there are many truths to this...