Backhoe Loader Market in India

2nd September 2016 – Navi Mumbai, India: Market Report on India present the latest report on “Backhoe Loader Market in India”, It will also provide benchmarking of Backhoe loaders offerings from different OEMs to provide a view on whether product based selling or solution based selling is the future.

Backhoe loader is the numero uno equipment in the basket of construction equipment that is manufactured, imported and exported from India. After witnessing a peak demand of 2400-2500 backhoe loader per month in 2010-11, since last 2-3 years the equipment sales volume is struggling to even reach 2000 levels. The fluctuation in demand for backhoe loader is closely correlated to the construction activity in the economy and any blip in the economy eventually impacts the construction activity and eventually impacting the demand for construction equipment. Given the multi-tasking backhoe loaders are designed for its only fair to say that it's the Swiss Knife in the construction equipment basket. Backhoe loaders are common and can be used for many tasks, which include construction, light transportation of materials, powering building equipment, digging holes and excavating, breaking asphalt, and even paving roads. You can often replace the backhoe bucket with other tools such as a breaker for breaking and smashing concrete and rock. There are some loader buckets that offer a retractable bottom, which enable it to empty the load more quickly and efficiently.

Market Reports on India expects the demand for backhoe loader increasing at a healthier pace than that was seen in early 2007 onwards and we anticipate the demand to touch new high of 3400-3500 per month. Our recent conversations with both buyers and suppliers of construction equipment are pointing towards significant recovery from FY17-18 and the industry expects to further build on this momentum when getting into FY18-19.

Market Reports on India research report "Demand Outlook for Backhoe Loader Market in India...