B2B versus B2C Marketing Paper
Debora Proctor-McQueen
University of Phoenix
EBUS 400
Tarik Iles
June 19, 2006

Workshop     4
B2B versus B2C Marketing Paper
      The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast marketing of business to business and business to consumer websites. In addition, business to business and business to customer in the banking, and restaurant industry will be evaluated. Lastly, eBay and how it markets itself will be explored.
      The Bank of America Website caters to business to business as well as business to customer client. On the business side, when logging into Bank of America’s business site, one of the features that they offer is called payroll direct and direct deposit. This enables the small business owner to manage his accounts payable with the feel of big business. The small business owner is also able to allow employee login with varied security levels. The client is also able to issue multiple credit cards to its employees and monitor its use through his or her business login. Ultimately, these offers are not available to the consumer level client.
“Any company planning to seek out potential business-to-business customers will go where the action is: small to midsize businesses. They add up to a huge market for credit card companies offering business-use cards, insurance firms rounding out commercial portfolios, office furniture outlets with a sale on desks” (B2B Marketing Trends, 2006)
      It would be harder for Bank of America segment a business client as a result of the inability to build a profile. For example, multiple employees may have access to an account. It appears that it would be harder for Bank of America to build a profile based on the characteristics of the multiple users. The only way Bank of America could market to the small business owner is through the current marketing campaign targeted to the small business owner in general.
B2B marketing are that business targets are...