B2B Technology

Tabitha Taylor
Electronic Business/Unit 1 IP
Business to Business Technology
American InterContinental University
March 26, 2011
Prof. M. Gould

Business to Business or B2B information technologies and applications are becoming increasingly important in the supply chains of firms.   There are two B2B strategies that are the most common, an example of two are: modularization, which allows a firm to rent out its internal capabilities to others that are in its industry, and architectural entrepreneurship, which alters the supply chain allowing one central coordinating firm to facilitate arrangements that were previously made impossible (Richard & Devinney, 2011).   In my research I will discuss many of the B2B that are commonly used among successful firms of today.

Business to Business Technology

Business to Business or B2B applications are one of the fastest growing e-commerce divisions with sales in excess of $8 trillion.   Companies use B2B applications to sell or market their goods and services to companies within their genre and not sell directly to the public ("B2B Application Development", n.d.).   Companies looking to sell products and services on a website are those companies that harness B2B applications. Many companies have used technology to enhance the way that they conduct business.   Internet businesses are able to offer their products and services to many consumers around the world.
E-business has been described as two or more businesses corresponding and functioning together as one through the internet.   E-commerce is a business participating together in transactions.   Many businesses today are business to business (B2B), which mean, each business only deals directly with another business to sell, or buy their products or services.   Those that do not participate in the B2B utilize business to consumer (B2C).   These businesses sell their products or services directly to the consumers.   Cintas Corporation is a B2B e-commerce....