Automotive Soft Trim Interior Materials Market Revenue and Value Chain 2016-2026

Automotive Soft Trim Interior popularly known as “Soft Trims” belongs to automotive interiors segment being a part of the automotive ancillaries sector. The nomenclature is derived from the nature of the product application compared to the hard exterior body & spare parts of the vehicle. It is used in seats, doors, floor liners, pillar covers, cockpit, headliners, etc. of the vehicle. The material used is primarily of 3 types: Leather, Textile/Fabric & Chemical Polymers. Leather is used in Premium automobile models, whereas the latter two cater to Mid & Base Level models in exterior furnishing/covering as well fabrication of core interior body parts. The product has a blend of critical traits more than just the aesthetics aspect; such as Acoustic Control, Durability & Ergonomics, and Feather Weight Capability.

Automotive Soft Trim Interior Market Segmentation
The Automotive Soft Trim Interior market is segmented on the basis of the materials involved. The major materials types can be classified as:
Leather –which can be further classified as per Texture & Finish, Heat Absorption Capacity
Foams –which can be also classified such as Backed & Unbacked Types, Texture e.g. Poker Rail, Sew foam & Grade e.g. Residential or Commercial grade on durability basis
Coated Fabrics –which can be classified as per coating material such as Polymer Coated, Rubber Coated & Other Substrate Coated for having properties like fire, & water resistance and wash proof
Textiles & Acoustic Barriers-which can be classified as per area of furnishing whether seating, safety belts, flooring, lining on doors, roof, shelves etc. & also the grade/quality of material used such ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS), Polyurethane reactive (PUR) for properties similar to coated fabrics & noise and sound proofing as well .

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