Automotive Fog Lights Market Revenue and Value Chain 2016-2026

Lights are the essential parts of the vehicle as it plays an important role in helping drivers by clearing the visibility in darkness, visualize through fog which is collected on the exteriors of the vehicle and to get the better access of road conditions in darkness. Fog lights are especially reserved for severe unpleasant, rainy conditions or darkness which is observed with the fog, snow or dust which reduces the visibility. Fog lights are totally different from driving lights as they developed for use in dangerously thick fog. Fog lights are usually adjusted to the lower portion of vehicle and mounted on front bumper as they cut through the fog and light up the front road surface to provide a view of the road and avoid accidents. Fog lights are mostly available commercially in three colours – white, yellow and blue.

Automotive fog lights market: Drivers and Restraints

The global automotive fog market is projected to grow rapidly as a result of high growth opportunities in the global automotive market, the parent market of automotive fog lights. Increasing volume of vehicle manufacturing is anticipated to largely boost growth of the global automotive fog light market. The aftermarket is the best growth opportunity as the standard working life of fog light is limited and it is necessary to replace it after certain thousand hours of usage. Rising awareness of adaptive fog light solutions and safety measures drives the market in the developing regions. Technical advancements and continuous developments of fog lights is increasing the efficiency and lifespan which augments growth of the global automotive fog light market.

However, factors like government legislations and policies restrains the usage and affects automotive fog light market adversely. Affordability of the fog lights also could limit growth of the global automotive fog light market. Poor awareness about safety measures, necessity yet low usage of automotive fog light in developing regions and...