Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis Paper
When an audience is being addressed during a business meeting the presenter has taken into consideration the different educational backgrounds, experience levels and language abilities. Thus making a presentation that is catered to the groups involved in the business meeting. Analysis of the audience is important when communicating the message to the recipients especially in business. When communication is misunderstood in the world of business time and money are wasted.
What characteristics of the audience must you consider?
Adapt benefits to the audience whenever possible to maximize the audience’s attention to the presenter. As long as the presenter and the audience member have good communication the presenter can share the benefits of conducting business together.
Stress intrinsic as well as extrinsic motivators to entice the audience members to take interest in the discussion at hand. Intrinsic motivators are benefits or internal rewards the target audience may receive from the presenter of a product. In example, a teacher offers students gold stars next to the names of the students who achieve the highest grades in class and at the end of the week the students with the most gold stars receive a free pizza party. For some students who are uninterested the with the subjects covered in class motivation for a free pizza party is simply not enough for them to attempt to do the work necessary to achieve a good grade. When a student is genuinely interested in the topic and wants to do the work necessary, the reward is the accomplishment of a task given by the teacher.
Extrinsic motivators are actual rewards such as money or prizes given by companies to motivate the employees to always do a better job than the next person. A manager gifts a free lunch to the employee with the most sale for the day by noon is an example of extrinsic motivators. All along the manager motivated the employees to do what they are supposed to do while...