Auburn Tigers

Auburn has quickly gotten into the headline stories around the country. From football to money scandals they are up number one in the reading polls compared to many teams in the South East Conference. When looking at different reasons why Auburn is targeted easily in the media is when the championship game was being played and the fans were patiently and loudly cheering on their favorite team,   the last play was played and the game was over. After that fast and last play Cameron Newton rushed quickly over to the stands and embraced his father with open arms. A few short hours before the ball was snapped media had already broadcasted that his father was not allowed or not going to show up for the wonderful moment in history when his son would play for the National Title. After the media caught wind of them exchanging hugs after the game, is when the huge debate of whether the Auburn Tigers had paid for Cam’s way and if there were any other persons involved. The coaches are wiser than the fans however you do have some fans that think they are the wisest of all. So the media made the biggest deal in the papers about how Auburn was paying the people and their players when in my opinion they were not. I think Auburn, in my opinion, has one of the largest fan bases in the southeast. So in my carefully planned closing remarks, Auburn is the best school in the southeast from academics to football!