Atmospheric Issues

Atmospheric Issues
Tina Bell
September 1, 2013
Bill McIntosh

Atmospheric Issues
The air we breathe outside and inside our homes is more important to us than we know. It affects our families and our loved ones every day of their lives and if we can help in any way to rid our world of these problems wouldn’t that be great. When people know about things they tend to do something if they can, it is important to know about the dangers that are right in our houses.
An indoor air pollutant is mold, it can grow anywhere in doors that stays wet. It produces spores to reproduce and is blown through the air outdoors and in doors. When it lands somewhere that is damp that’s all it needs to start growing. There is no practical way to remove all indoor molds from the environment the only way to control mold is to eliminate moisture where it grows.
Acid rain has been made acidic from pollutants in the air; it can appear in many forms. The wet form can appear as rain, sleet, snow and fog that has been made more acidic than normal by the pollution in the air. There is a dry type also and it is when gasses and dust become acidic. Both types can be carried by the wind for very long distances sometimes. The dry type can be inhaled and make people sick, the wet type falls on building, cars, people and also can make lakes acidic.
There are several ways to control the effects of acid rain, also called acid deposition. There are ways ranging from societal changes to individual action. According to "Reducing Acid Rain" (2012), “It is critical that acid deposition be reduced, not only in the United States and Canada, but also throughout the world to preserve the integrity of natural habitats, as well as to reduce damage to man-made structures.” Some of those ways to reduce acid rain are to understand the cause and effects of acid deposition, clean up exhaust pipes, use alternative energy sources, and take actions as individuals.
Scientists are working to understand the...