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Atmospheric Issue
Nicole Braddock

Atmospheric Issue
In our world today our atmosphere is currently in danger. We rely on many different types of technology resources to be able to operate in a single day. In order to obtain these objects we have industries making them, and emitting many harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, which are slowly destroying our environment and creating health problems for everyone around the world. The most important objective right now should be to find alternatives for these industries to become environmentally safe, and use the technology we currently have to reduce the pollution that is being put in our air.  
All the gases, dust, and any other harmful contaminants that are released into the air is what air pollution is caused by. Cigarette smoke, burning of plastics, trash, and electrical products are common causes of pollution. Other common and major problems that cause high pollution would be factories, and automobiles within in a city that may also suffer the effect of smog due to the high pollution in the area. Major cites do suffer the most when it comes to pollution in an area. Outdate air conditioners and furnaces can also cause problems for our air, because once they become so old they have a higher risk for creating carbon dioxide, which can be deadly. All of these pollutants can cause several health problems as well.
Forest and plant life is a very important part in our life, and this is simply because they create clean air. The more that our world advances in technology, the more pollution we have. We continually destroy so much nature so that we can build more, and use the land for factories or homes. In the process of all this we are taking from ourselves and what makes clean air and replacing it with products that give us bad air.
In the current years going green has been the thing to do, and the problem of pollution has brought to peoples’ attention. However only some support this, and to be...