Rubén Zavala



-Atheism is a logical impossibility.

1. Rational thinking may lead you to think everything is doubtable, but that only proves that nothing can actually be proved but by some degree of faith in something.

a) Everything can be questioned

b) People loose their ability to believe

c) This is so for faith to be the only possible path

2. It just fool’s itself attaching qualities on nature to explain the universal assertive order with no possible creator.

a) The big bang theory

b) Nature isn’t working at random

c) We acquire logic from the universal coherence

3. Even if man could invent God –which would be quite odd-, that doesn’t mean it did.

a) Creation isn’t transformation

b) God is non natural

c) Everything is energy and so can not be created

4. If luck does exist, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it was not meant to be as it is.

a) Luck comes from relativism

b) Probabilities might be inexistent

c) If what’s relative has a purpose then it’s not relative at all

5. Atheists just make Gods of themselves for insubordination.

a) Order means rules, design means order

b) Order is natural

c) Freedom means being free from oneself



      After the medieval age, man was sat to have overthrown God away from the center of all things. It’s no news to know that inquisition and all the other church related tragedies left serious scars on societies approach towards Christianity and beliefs in general. Apostasy refers to the loss of faith, and this phenomenon comes to happen because of man’s vain use of faith and of God’s name. But as this very people have declared and state, everything is neither true nor false but relative. Therefore, we have nothing but belief because if nothing is certain, then all of what we think is driven by faith. Atheism is a logical impossibility. I have to warn this to be a material base on pure logic and reasoning since none of...