Outline for VOB Feedback on Assignment 2

General Comments: 2
Organization and Logic 2
Detailed Comments on the Two Parts of this Assignment: 3
    1) Project Design 3
        1. Objectives, Rationale, hypothesis, and Planned Activities 3
        2. Critical path analysis 4
        3. Activities with time-scale 5
        4. Plan for the monitoring and evaluation of the project implementation 5
        5. Inconsistency between parts of the assignment 6
        6. Point-by-point analysis of how marks were decided upon 6
    2) Project Proposal 8
        1. The general format 8
        2. Elements to be included in the proposal 9
        3. Point-to-point analysis on how marks were decided upon. 10
Closing Remarks: 11
January 8th VOB Session on BPPD Feedback on Assignment 2

Good evening! I am Li Ming. Welcome to this VOB feedback on the second assignment for Practical Business Project Design. Tonight, I will be discussing issues related to the second assignment. I will first make some general comments on the overall situation of this assignment, and then will be discussing the two parts of this assignment in a detailed way.

General Comments:

Great efforts of you could be seen in the assignments I have checked. Though your work may not be very satisfying, they are generally speaking quite all right. Most students may pass this course, even those who submit not so satisfactory assignments. However, this course is only a preparation for their final BA degree paper, so we must know that if our BA degree papers are not written according to the requirements and we can not pass the defense, we probably will not get the degree. So we must think seriously about our BA degree paper and defense right now. Though most of us have passed this time, there are still rooms for improvement. It’s hard for me to find an assignment that could be rated as excellent, which means there are still lots of problems in the students’ assignments even you have got marks...