Assignment Communication for Marginalized Populations

Fear is a triggered response when remembering past actions, memories, and experiences, or worry of the unknown.   Either a patient is trying to hide their feelings but often times one’s body is acting out.   Communications tip I would use in a situation like this would to remain calm and provide a comforting influence with understanding.
Stress and anxiety often shows itself in a physical response as it overwhelms a person so much.   Anxiety can be short-lived, or it is possible for a situation to become drawn out.   A communication tip I would use in this situation would to offer advice for better exercise, diet and ways to find better ways to control ones own surroundings.
Anger and aggression are fairly easy to recognize in a patient as their body language shows much of it.   Often patients are wary of surroundings; may be threatening, uncooperative and sometimes violent.   A communication tip I would use in this situation is to speak softly, don’t give into anger and to act neutral.

In my opinion the overall lesson from the simulation activity was to put one into a hypothetical situation that occurs all the time in the medical field.   The main lesson I received from this was how I would (in first response) react to the situation and then it letting me know whether it was a right or wrong choice and explaining why.   I gained a more broad perspective by way of doing things that perhaps I wouldn’t have normally done.   In turn I learned the proper way to go about a situation instead of what may have been my initial reaction.

A few key ways to improve communication between caregivers and patients with low health literacy would be to learn characteristics and how they might exhibit themselves when in certain conditions.   Find if a patient has a psychosocial component to their problem.   Visualizing manifestations of problems in children, elderly, and responding with recognition and acceptance will also help to address the right therapeutic response.   By executing...