Marginalized Sections of Society and Constitutional Guarantees in Pakistan



  2. Marginalization is not simply one thing, not just one status. While an absence of economic resources may, to be sure, characterize a marginalized group, lack of knowledge, political rights and capacity, recognition and power are also factors of marginalization. Marginalization occurs when people are systematically excluded from meaning full participation in economic, social, political, cultural and other forms of human activity in these communities and thus are denied the opportunity to fulfill themselves as human beings.

  3. Definitions
      a. The term “Marginalization” generally describes the overt actions or Tendencies of human societies whereby those perceived as being without desirability or function, are removed or excluded ("marginalized") from the prevalent systems of protection and integration, so limiting their opportunities and means for survival.
      b. Eugenics. A "science"-based idea that advocated marginalization (killing and deportation) of people deemed “inferior,” by criteria of their race alone. The word "eugenics" (well-born). Many states in USA enacted marriage laws with eugenic criteria, prohibiting anyone who was "epileptic, imbecile or feeble-minded” from marrying and also practiced sterilization of "imbeciles" for much of the 20th Century.
      c. “Marginals are people the system of labour cannot or will not use” . As a result, they are excluded from society’s major integrating activities, there by missing out on one of the basic factors leading to full inclusion.

  4. A Global Phenomenon. The earlier tolerant form of nationalism propounded by the founders of all states has given way to illiberal regimes and discriminatory practices. In most states of the region which are committed to religious majority and who subscribe to dominant religio - cultural ethos, the nation building process has been...