Assignment 5

In order to equip learners with the essential skills, knowledge and understanding to operate confidently, effectively and independently either at work or in life, I will ensure that I introduce functional skills. It is imperative to embed English, Maths and Information technology in my teaching

I will embed literacy skills by encouraging effective listening and communication through open discussion during sessions as well group discussions. I will encourage learners to write and speak clearly, either by asking them to make an oral presentation or write a report, journal or essay to assess and support their written and verbal progress. I will ask learners to read loudly paragraphs and encourage other learners to listen as listening helps clarify understanding.

Even when teaching a subject such as French language, it is possible to embed Maths in teaching. I can ask learners to add, subs tract or divide numbers, use of flashcards or describe in English how to solve a mathematical problem. So at the same time, they improve their literacy skills, by reading and spelling French numbers and also count. It is also possible to ask learners to analyse, explain and read charts. I may focus on key words used for reasoning to draw conclusions and ask learners to justify how these conclusions are reached.

As for ICT, I will ask learners to write essays using word process to encourage them to learn and use word processing tool. I will also use email to communicate with them to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to use a computer and how to reply to emails. I will also ask them to search the internet for information, this would enable and support them to safely surf the net. For instance, BBC French language for beginners is a great website to improve your French. It contains a lot of exercises which includes literacy and maths.