Assignment 3

Assignment 3: My Beliefs on Marriage

November 13, 2011
I believe that Marriage is forever. It is a sacred thing and nothing should ever come between it. Marriage is not something to play with.
For me, I was brought up believing marriage is forever. Each religion believes different things. I was brought up a catholic. So for me, once you get married its forever. When you say your vows you are not only stating them to your spouse, and in front of your family and friends, you are saying those vows and God knows it. So before you get married you should think about if you want it to be forever. I did. But my spouse I guess thought otherwise. We are currently separated. He let someone else control his thoughts on marriage. Like I said for me, it’s forever, and together you work through any problems. Others give up real easy. If this person that you marry was ever your soul mate, you would do whatever it takes to make things right. Some people that get married, don’t continue their journey with the lord and I think that is why so many marriages are failing. Most people would rather just give up than try. For me, if it means anything to you, what would you do to keep it together?
Every person is different. Some people think marriage is just a title, for me it’s two becoming one, and working as one from that day forward. Marriage is supposed to be forever. These days people give up too easily and it doesn’t last forever.