Assignment 2

Teresa Potter

Case Study of a Learner

The aim of this assignment was to enable myself to discover how   previous learning experiences of one of my learners, and his or her present life situation, impacts on current learning.   In order to complete this assignment it was necessary to choose a learner to whom I may currently be teaching, or someone that I had previously taught recently.  

After careful consideration of who to choose for this study, a learner who I currently teach, studying NVQ Hairdressing Level 2 Year 1, enrolled September 2010, was my choice. Reason being that this learner has had previous educational problems, is a candidate for Learner Support and was introduced to the Academy through the learners Educational Support Worker.   I approached the learner explaining the purpose and content of the enquiry and she gave her full permission and full co-operation.   The learner was informed that no names would be used in the assignment.   This is to keep her personal experiences and details confidential.   A date was set for an interview, with a set of questions already prepared to ask, and the learner was informed that the information she gave, would be put into the assignment.

The learner previously attended primary school until Year 6. Up until this year the learner had had numerous problems with reading and writing. This issue was not recognised, and therefore no learning support was offered.   Inclusive teaching means recognising and meeting the learning needs of all students.   It means acknowledging that your students have a range of individual learning needs.   Providers should place learners in the best possible learning environment for their needs whatever these needs maybe. (The Open University, 2006).  

The learner also feared a male teacher that she can recall in Year 3, he spent most of his time shouting, or was very loud, and this made her feel intimidated.   For the next 3 years she struggled with school life and her school work,...