Assignment 2

2.Identify the key aspects of current legislative requirements and codes of practice relevant to your subject and the type of organisation within you would like to work.

In relation to my subject of welding there are numerous legislation and codes of practice to adhere to,these are known as the European 6 pack.These include:
Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations:1999.
Workplace (Health,Safety and Welfare) regulations:1992.
Provision and Use of Work Equipment regulations:1998.
Personal Protective Equipment regulations:1992.
Manual Handling Operations regulations:1992.
Display Screen Equipment regulations:1992.
As well as these there is the safety at work act for manual metal arc welding,this act covers all types of welding which include :M.i.g, T.i.g, M.m.a,and T.a.g.s.As a teacher it is my responsibility to provide a safe working environment for my students,this is part of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.This legislation is in place to protect people from risks to health and safety due to activities of others.The act puts occupational safety at the heart of official policies and future regulations.This act is also an important sector of codes put into place so that one doesn’t sustain an injury or impairment to their health whilst at work.

Iam new teaching so I have had to learn different aspects of current legislative requirements.I have done this by by following the institute of learning guidelines,this is a professional organisation for teachers,trainers,tutors,student teachers and assessors in the further education and skills sector.There are many more legislations I need to be aware of while teaching,it is important to keep up to date with these legislations and make sure they are adhered to, these in include:
Special Needs and Disability Act:2001.
It is unlawful to discriminate against disabled persons in employment.
Data Protection Act:2007....