Assignment 1

Assignment One
As a teaching assistant I could contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments by setting up and arranging the classroom in the appropriate layout before the class begun. I would check all the instruments that were to be used to ensure that they were all in working order and were without sharp, jagged or dangerous parts.   I would check with the teacher to see what role they wanted me to undertake in this particular class and see if there were any specific observations they wanted me to note.
As the class started I would distribute the instruments fairly and ensure that the different   varieties of the instruments got rotated around the children so that each child gets a turn.   I would also ensure that the children were using them safely and correctly.   At the end of the lesson I would encourage all of the children to return the instruments to the correct place and then I would check them accordingly, ensuring they were all returned and that there was not any new damage or hazardous parts.
During the class I would be looking to make sure that all the children were paying attention to the teacher and I would also be looking out for any children that appeared to be struggling or having difficulties using the equipment.   If there was, I would offer help by demonstrating how to use the instrument and then offering guidance and support for them to try again.   I would always be providing plenty of positive encouragement.   With the appropriate permission, I could also record the children playing the instruments so that they could listen back to what they have achieved.
At the end of the lesson I would inform the teacher of any relevant information and return the classroom to the correct layout, ensuring it was clean and tidy.