Assignment 1

2. Describe the contextual influence that you believe will pose the greatest challenge and the contextual influence that will pose the least challenge to companies' competitiveness and explain why.
I think the market influence will post the greatest impact since our economy is doing terrible. The other reason I say this is because major corporation or government organizations are not getting the support from the government or the fund that they use to get. This is affecting all small business since they cannot afford to compete with the bigger companies. The major corporation have been declaring or filing for bankruptcy since the stock market plummeted a few years ago. This is also a major reason why our employment rate has gone out the roof in recent years. It seems that the government is not trying to make things better since they are too busy trying to help other countries and also going out of the United States to purchase different supplies and oil. I feel that the labor unions will pose the least challenges since they do all the negotiations for the employees and tend to work with the companies with in reason of course. The unions normally seek good benefit packages for their employees and also negotiate for their status in the companies but at the same time if the companies lets them know that they are willing to work with their demands then the unions will work with them even if they cannot get that big raise that employees look for or that big benefits package.