Assessing Students

Assessing Students Learning
Discipline:   Ninth Grade Literature
Course:   English Writing
Students will develop a better understanding of characteristics.
Students will write a five-paragraph expository essay including introduction, thesis statement, supporting evidence, and conclusion.
Students will explain and describe three characteristics of a hero with 85% accuracy at the completion of the unit.
Essential questions:
• What are the three characteristics of a hero?
• What details support the three characteristics of a hero?
• What information is included in writing an expository essay?
• How do you apply the five-step writing process for expository writing?

In society, students communicate effectively in writing and conversation to express their thoughts, to demonstrate knowledge of a subject, to defend their position, to obtain, and maintain employment (Tyler, 1949).   Throughout education, classrooms establish models of communication designed to maintain order, educate, and promote success.   During the first five weeks of school, freshmen review technical writing and media presentation as part of the writing communication scope and sequence (Georgia Department, 2011).   “The Hero” lesson plan tackles an important aspect of technical writing, the five-step writing process.   The first stage is Brainstorm/Prewriting using graphic organizers to collect and organize thoughts (Peha, 2002).   Next is the First Draft, write paragraphs explaining information (Peha, 2002).   Third Revise paper by improving paragraphs by adding details and changing/deleting words (Peha, 2002).   Fourth, Edit the essay for punctuation, grammar, and clarity.   Finally, the Publishing Stage, students write the final draft of essay to share (Peha, 2002).   Through their completion of “The Hero” essay, students will demonstrate their ability to effectively communicate and explain three characteristics of a hero by completing a well-crafted basic five-paragraph...