Asian Econimies Vietnam

assessment # 3 Asian ECONOMIES


unit: economic analysis & asian economies.





Word Requirement 3,800 =/- 5%

Word Count 3,960

Table of Content.

Executive Summary.

The following paper is on Vietnam and its business environment today and how it arrived at today’s trading conditions as a result of its history. While Vietnam is a governed by the VCP, Vietnam Communist Party & is a communist country by title, you can be excused for thinking you reading about a quasi capitalist dictatorship.

From a closed boarded war torn country in 1976 to 2005 when 65% of GDP is export merchandise. And the country is now a member of AFTA, APEC, ASEM and in 2006 the WTO.

The adage “Signal left turn right” applies to Vietnam.

Introduction – Why Vietnam.

I remember some of the American evacuation footage, but mostly the Vietnam War by the news reports and aftermath of the returned soldiers, the Chuck Norris movies and the American version of events and communism.
In May 2007   I travel through South Vietnam for 10 days. Landing at Saigon Airport we could see the aging arched concrete bunkers lining the runway with jets and choppers in them, exiting the plane we walked through a large, empty, spotlessly clean, 70’s style hall & were greeted by a stern undersized officer in an oversize military uniform. I thought “where the hell have I brought my family”.

That was the last military uniform we saw. Once we exited the airport we entered a frantic, happy, hot bed of capitalism. The people were well educated, incredibly clean (even in the poorest villages) and well dressed, hungry for contact, happy to help and always ready to sell you something and were happy whether you bought or not.
The country had clearly missed the industrial age and was short of anything metal (basic things like teaspoons were no thicker than alfoil) but they were making up for it doubly in the...