Magazine Article Summary: Cancer from Cell Phone Usage

Cancer from Cell Phone Usage
The Science Magazine 2011 article “Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?   An Explosive Maybe” introduces the World Health Organization’s (WHO) conclusion that cell phones and other devices producing radiofrequency electromagnetic fields are to be considered “possibly carcinogenic.”   Following an 8-day review in Lyon, France, the International Agency for Research of Cancer (IARC) reached the same conclusion.   Jonathan Samet, a physician and the IARC Working Group chairperson explains that while there is evidence of how cancer could occur, “there are acknowledged gaps and uncertainties.”  
The WHO utilized a study called Interphone, which studies the carcinogenic effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields.   The study concluded that is saw “no increase in risk of glioma or meningioma.”   Dr. Samet later explains that, with cell phones still being a recent technological advance, more exposure time to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields would be needed for the potential carcinogenic effects to indicate an increase of brain cancer.  
The IARC is requesting more research to be conducted in order to reach a definitive conclusion. Dr. Samet believes there to be approximately 5 billion cell phone users worldwide.   With this number increasing, there is believed to be an increase in brain cancer if the cell phones do indeed have a connection with cancer.   These studies also try to compare cell phone usage with both cancer and non-cancerous patients to try to identify trends.   Animal studies may also be used in attempts to obtain a definitive conclusion.   The future studies regarding this topic will be an interesting with the advances to come in medical technology, alongside personal electronics technology.
After reading this article, I’ve become aware of the potential radiation I could receive from cell phone usage and other devices emitting radiofrequency electromagnetic fields.   With the studies listed in the article and the WHO’s...