Article Rebutal

Cain Confronts Claim From ’90s of Sexual Harassment (J. Rutenburg and M. Shear, 2011)

Sometimes I feel for these candidates like Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas, the media can bring a storm of questions that make even the slightest error in the constant rehashing of events seem colossal. The plight of this man in the New York Times raised a lot of good questions but lacked the sources for this information. As usual the paper allowed a reporter to write about something another source dug up about this candidate without citing its source. The article brought up some good points about the accuracy of Herman Cain’s recollection of the details of events that happened more than twelve years ago.

      I believe these authors in this case are both biased and untrustworthy. There are no cites for the material and the whole article is an attack on Mr. Cain. Both reporters have written numerous articles for the New York Times, but I am not sure that makes them any more credible than any other news reporter. They seem to be able to write what they want and not give the source for their information. Whether this is right or wrong is left up to the reader and the courts to decide.

      This sort of witch-hunt has become the norm for political office and the media is the source for the feeding frenzy that appears everytime an unknown or obscure candidate takes center stage. Whether or not he is guilty of anything makes no difference to the media, who report what amounts to a smear campaign that is directly and indirectly related to the current administration. The power that the office of the President has is so enormous and so well orchestrated in the nuances of dirty politics. It is a given that both sides will play dirty, but Herman Cain will have to weather the storm of judgement better than others before him, such as Clarence Thomas.

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