Article Critque

Anderson Critique Article Review

Tiffany Connor

Liberty University

February 17. 2013

      Summary Content
      Anderson’s The Bondage Breaker was a very personal narrative book. Anderson talked about his ministering years and how he helped people understand God’s word.   Anderson talked about how dealing with Satan is a constant battle.   According to Anderson (2006) “ Satan has no right of ownership or authority over us”( p.11).   Everyone has to wear a shield of armor and be prepared to battle Satan spiritually.   Anderson explains that this armor will help protect against all the demons. These demons will destroy your mind make you do evil things. Anderson also talked about how we are moving toward a two tier system. This system includes the spiritual view and the laws of science. Anderson also discusses talks about how the Holy Spirit and an evil demon cannot be in the same place in this world. To elaborate on this statement Anderson provided bible scriptures and client’s stories.
      Anderson introduced later in the chapter the seven steps to freedom. The first step is to get rid of all non- Christian religions. The second step is to stop being naive and learn the real truth. The third step is to learn how to forgive because not doing so will allow the devil to take over your heart. The fourth step is submission to authority. The fifth step is to ask for forgiveness for being too prideful and selfish. In the six step individual are to confess your sins and submit to God. The last step is renouncing the sins of your ancestors and rebukes any bad curses that may have been placed on you by evil people (Anderson, 2006). At the end of the chapters Anderson offers some sound advice on how to help others find their spiritual self.
      Strengths and Weakness
      One of the biggest strength of the book is that it provides steps on how to get out of the devil’s grip. The second strength is that Anderson made people...