Arlinging State Park

The Arlington National Cemetery is not only a grave yard but an afterlife for every citizen who has made a memorable impact on our world. Whether they have fought in a war, or lead our nation they deserve a commemoration that is almost impossible to give. This cemetery takes each burial to the heart and the staff made it clear that they try to put themselves in the shoes of the family mourning. They completely respect any and every wish they have for their funeral. For some, the mourning process may be a lonely one and for those they have Arlington ladies to stand by the family member side every step of the way and for years to come. The guards that stand by the tombs of the unknown represent the respect and pride for the cemetery. Their uniforms must be precise and their jackets must be perfect just to pass the test to watch over the graves. They stand by in rain, snow, and heat and honor the lives of the people who have passed without name during battle. We must remember that the people buried here have given their lives for us, they have left their families and dreams in attempts to protect our nation and they deserve every memorial possible. The staff also makes sure to keep up with the grave yard in cleaning the tomb stones and cutting the grass also as another sign of respect. Today however, the yard is filling up so the allowance of burials is being slightly limited. After watching the video I want to be sure to visit this grave site at one point in my life to get a close view of this beautiful memorial for these highly regarded people.