Arizona Statute

An Arizona statute known as S. B. 1070 was enacted in 2010 to address pressing issues related to the large number of unlawful aliens in the State.   In June of 2012 the Supreme Court ruled that one of the four laws will be upheld, the show me your papers provision. (Eng, 2012) This provision allows police officers to ask for immigration papers from anyone they pulled over. Although it was meant for all immigrants, the Hispanic community felt the most targeted. Critics said it would lead to harassment of Hispanics and turn the presumption of innocence upside down. (The New York Times Company, 2012).
Immigration has contributed to doubling the U.S. population and will continue to if not controlled. It affects our environmental position because of resource consumption.
It has been a channel in which drug trafficking, as well as other crimes, has corrupted our communities. Many who enter the U.S. without proper documentation, also have been associated to identity theft for the sake of working. In addition, there are those who work, being paid lesser wages that do not pay taxes. Yet they are given medical assistance, housing, and education. In Texas, children of undocumented immigrants are allowed to pay in-state college tuition (based on certain provisions). The out-of-state tuition is justified because the student and families have not paid Texas state taxes. (Sharpe, 2011) Is that not a contradiction to the rule?
If more states were allowed to pass laws that stabilize immigration, it would alleviate the problems mentioned above. It can be argued that many come to the U.S. to seek refuge. Unfortunately it is when they have the capability of running back to their home countries for sanctuary once a crime has been committed making it difficult for officials to bring them to justice.
There are processes and procedures citizens and immigrants alike must follow to be an American. It is only fair that undocumented immigrants be compared to those who followed the...