Arizona Court System

Court Systems within Arizona
The Municipal courts deals with all items that are misdemeanors and carry a penalty of up to six months in jail or a five hundred fine. The Municipal Court is the first and lowest court in the Arizona court system. Local Police Departments are the writing bodies of this court.
Justice of the Peace
The Justice of the Peace court is the next court up from the Municipal court. The Justice of the Peace court deals with all cases that involve over six months in jail but not over three-hundred-sixty-four days in jail, or no more than a thousand dollars in fines.   In addition to trying these cases the Justice of the Peace hears plenary cases for the Superior court of Arizona. Local Police Departments also write to this court.
The Superior court deals with all cases that involve felonies. These cases have a plenary hearing in the Justice of the Peace court. In addition to hearing all cases involving felonies this court also deals with the appeals of the two lower courts. The state and local police write to this court.
Court of Appeals
The Court of Appeals has no cases directly sent to them. The Court of Appeals main duty is to hear all the appeals from the Superior Court. Unlike the courts below the Court of Appeals they do not go thru the entire trial. The trial is just reviewed by the lawyers and the judge.
Supreme Court
The Supreme Court is the highest court in Arizona.   The Supreme Court deals with all appeals that have that have gone thru all of the lower courts.   Much like the Court of Appeals the Supreme Court only reviews the case and makes a ruling.