Argumentative Essay


Subject: “Leader Development and Assessment”

The concept of continuous Leader Development is not only important to Field Grade officers but all leaders alike at each level of the career spectrum to further develop their character, presence and intellect. I oppose the notion that “great leaders are born”, they are developed. Great leaders must possess the quality to convert shortfalls into renewed inspiration and challenge others to seek self-betterment.   It is through visionary planning that leadership success is gauged measureable by the overall effectiveness of the organization.

Having a clear understanding of today’s technological advancements, leaders must stay progressively abreast of the latest institutional knowledge and current doctrine. Establishing a well thought out 10 year career plan that focuses on self-studies will analysis “where you want to be” over that time frame. A 10 year career plan will assist in your success by reinforcing a commitment to lifelong learning and leadership skills. Self-development is a personal endeavor that should be decided solely on your experiences, weakness, strengths and goals you deem achievable in your military career. The Army in general has always been overly concerned with leader development programs and career management embedding several regulations, policies and resources to make certain that devoted leaders could set a glide-path to success with limited constraints.   Individually, officers or senior NCO’s will need to make a serious conscious decision in their professional growth. A large percentage of Senior Leadership in today’s service components   not only commit to self improvement but clearly understands exactly what it’s needed to move further in their careers.

While challenged with developing a 10 year career plan, adoptable becomes keen to achieve specific professional objectives. “Such changes at the institutional level have required individual Army officers to adopt...