Argument of Inquiry

Max Balter
Blaire Perel
29 September 2014

Childhood Obesity
America, as it stands now, is the fattest country in the world. So while there may be more achievements that make us more proud, this issue is growing at a rapid pace and needs to be dealt with immediately. Childhood obesity has been a social epidemic that people have been neglecting for too long, and the consequences are beginning to show.
It is commonly known that fast food chains and quick and ready food are both contributors to the problem. However, this raises the question; why do people keep eating at these places if they know how bad it is for their health. It is strongly believed that the majority of the population doesn’t know just how bad this food is and aren’t aware of the negative effects it has on them. A study done by Elizabeth Dodson in 2004 showed a great way to limit “junk food” intake. She created a format for public schools to follow. This included, replacing meals with healthy alternatives and taking away the preservative filled snacks and in their place adding fruits and veggies.
Every day, I myself see countless numbers of fast food restaurants. Along with that, I noticed that it is nearly impossible for me to go about my normal life without being exposed to numerous media ads for fast food and ready to eat meals. Accompanying this exposure is the fact that food like this is convenient to children and adolescents. I admit I find myself grabbing an after school snack on occasion. There is just such an abundance of fast food chains in modern society, which is quite concerning. This really makes me raise the question, “is it really necessary for there to be four McDonald’s in a five mile radius?”
Another contributor to the rise in childhood obesity is the lack of exercise children tend to get. Many people wonder what seems the cause of a sudden drop in the number of children playing recreational sports or just being outdoors in general. The common theory among...