Argument Analysis on World Wildlife Fund Ad

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is an organization that is leading the way for global conservation. The World Wildlife Fund's mission is to protect our future and give voice to the creatures on earth that do not have a voice. The ad that I chose has done just that. It seems that this ad has compiled the World Wildlife Fund’s sole mission and vision into one advertisement. "Consuming the earth is consuming our future" shows that while we are slowly consuming the earth now, we are also consuming our future. The picture shows a metaphor of grave proportions. It is provocative. It is controversial. The use of a baby as being the future is brilliant, for this is our future. When we think about the future of the world, we think about our youth.
The word consuming reminds us of eating. In the advertisement you see a baby on a platter in the same way you would a pig at a Thanksgiving Day feast. The words "Consuming the earth is consuming our future" are written in elegant typography. There are many opposing artistic sides to this advertisement. The innocence of the baby, the horrific sight of how he is portrayed, the elegant typography and the strong message that is within its beauty. The main colors of the ad set the stage for those that are used to draw your eye in the right direction. The background wall is a dark brown tone, which helps the words in white pop out. The main image of the ad is the baby, whose skin is a very light pale color, which stands out among the dull primary tones that surround him. The apple in the baby's mouth draws your attention to his face, which is showing a look of shock or fear.
This advertisement is using deduction as a method of making its point. We are a world of consumers; therefore, we are in fact consuming our future. We are consuming the lives of our children and our children's children. Our world resources are diminishing at an alarming rate. So fast that our consumption exceeds that of the natural cycle of renewal. We are...