Employee Training and Development in Health Care Organizations

Sean Ackerman
Human Resources in Health Care Organizations
                            May 7, 2011

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership”
- Harvey Firestone, American Businessman


      Training is a process whereby people acquire capabilities to aid in the achievement of personal and organizational goals. In the healthcare industry, employee training and development is multifaceted and complex. It must address state and federally mandated regulation requirements, organizational objectives and needs, and leadership development. This must all be delivered and documented in an organized and consistent fashion. In the simplest of terms, the training process is tied to a variety of organizational purposes and can be viewed in terms of immediate need and/or long-term objectives.5
      In the limited perspective, training provides employees with specific, identifiable knowledge and skills for use on their current job. This type of training can present in many forms; from a newly hired employee who needs orientation to department and/or hospital operations, to introducing a new concept in technology or a new computer system to the entire organization. Whatever the reason for conducting a training session, it is important for a company to develop a comprehensive, on-going and consistent training program. This training process is essential in keeping staff motivated about learning new concepts and keeping the organization profitable.
      Leadership development is broader in scope and focuses on providing individuals with the opportunity to gain new capabilities useful for both current and future jobs. Developing leadership skills in current employees benefits both the organization and the individual. Experienced and knowledgeable employees and managers enhance organizational competitiveness and strengthen the...

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