Appplication Questions

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1. Please describe your previous leadership experience, especially as it pertains to your co-curricular involvement.
Throughout my high school years, I had the opportunity to show my leadership skills and gain positions on the different types of clubs I was in. I was in Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement (M.E.S.A.) for four years and received the officer position title of publicist/ project manager. I was the publicist for Students Encouraging Social Political and Environmental Action (S.E.S.P.E.A.), and also helped reinforce keeping the environment healthy by volunteering for city, river, and beach clean ups over a four-year period of time. Key Club was another club I was a publicist in, along with fulfilling my publicity duties I also assisted in bike trail clean ups where I cut the plants and picked up trash around the area. Later on I became vice president of the club Cancer Crushers. I also was an Academy Link Leader for two freshmen and assisted them maintain good grades. We met twice a week for tutoring, club meetings, and plan for future educational sessions.
I was trained in the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Ventura County program by Kimberlee Ramirez. For three years at Bedell Elementary School and 1 year at McKevett Elementary School, I mentored an elementary aged student two hours a week tutoring the child with academic homework, supporting social issues, and play recreational games and activities. Along with participating in A.Y.S.O. soccer, I was also a youth referee for five years showing children the correct skills to play soccer and reinforce good sportsmanship.
2. What qualities do you possess that make you a good leader?
I believe the main good leader qualities I possess are dependability, integrity and perseverance. One of the single most important aspects of a good leader is dependability. As leader it means to have a lot of responsibilities,...