Applied Linguistics

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   This time the subject is Who needs Applied Linguistics?, you must read the document located at the following link
  * The questions to be discussed are:
  * What does the article suggest?
  * What ideas would you highlight?
  * What is your opinion about it?
  * Have you found difficult this content?
   Debate will open June 20th, 2014 and will close on June 30th, 2014.
What does the article suggest? Since I agree with my colleagues in some aspects, I will add some points that I consider relevant.
So far, we seem to agree on the fact that there is “this gap” between theory and practice.
The author explains that
  * Although students are not all the same
  * Although linguists don’t know what happens in real classrooms
  * Although teachers have certain beliefs that guide their teaching practices
  * Although lectures by linguists seem too far away from what teachers really need
  * Although linguists and teachers are not a happy family that know each other and communication and feedback co exist
  * Although innovation (applying different methods) may have a negative impact when teaching languages,
Teachers need “the intellectual armor” - they need to know about the applied linguistics field - to account for what and how they teach in their classrooms. They should be able to choose from different methods and apply them in their classrooms according to the students needs. 
 What ideas would you highlight?
  * An epistemic distance; a perceivable gap exists
  * Teachers prefer to rely on 'practical experience' as the impetus behind pedagogic convictions. Applied linguists and their hypotheses are regarded as overtheoretical cat's cradles.
  * What is the best way to teach a language?
      * Meanwhile, rank and file language...