Grammar Translation Method

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Grammar Translation Method Rather Than Communicative Methodology

1. Introduction

English is the most spoken and written language around the world and it has become the most common one at our schools as well. The system of teaching foreign languages at our schools has changed so much. In these days, teachers can choose their books and other supplementary materials, they can also choose methods or activities they want to use in their lessons. It may be a big advantage but also it is a big challenge. In my opinion, it is to difficult to find an suitable approach for all learners.

    The main point of my article is to compare grammar translation method and communicative language teaching. Although communicative approach is recommended to the teachers but not many teachers really use it. On the other hand, grammar translation method is said to be surpassed, but it is used at our schools. Today, communicative approach should be used in our schools but teachers use still grammar translation method.

2. Language teaching methods

Mostly speaking, learning foreign languages is a necessity for human and it is almost as old as human history itself. But, modern language education started nearly 500 years ago. Latin was the dominant language of education in the past.

  Teachers started to teach modern languages at European schools in the 18th century. But, the teachers used the same method, depend on the only academic study of Latin. Teachers asked the students to memorise grammatical rules and translate   sentences.

  The linguists started to invent new approaches and principles in the 19th and especially in the 20th century. Older methods are refused because newer methods are invented and upgrades as the only solution for foreign language students.

  Teachers still use some of the methods in these days, while the other methods had fallen into relative obscurity.

2.1 Methods of teaching foreign languages...