Apple Computer

Apple Computer, Inc.:   Maintaining the Music Business while introducing iPhone and Apple TV


Steven Wozniak had a great idea in which the company he worked for did not see a future in his idea.   Steven had the idea to combine video monitors with computers and make it user friendly.   This idea would become the personal computer.   Approaching his high school buddy, Steve Jobs, it was decided that they should go into business themselves and market the personal computer (PC).   On April 1, 1976, the Apple computer was born in the garage of Steve’s parents.   Early in 1977 Apple Computer, Inc. was official.   The company grew quickly and its annual sales increased to $10 million and began expansion of its workforce.   Apple became a public company in the early 1980’s and soon faced some competition for an experienced IBM.   Apple has developed innovative ideas and strategies and has remained a viable company still today.
1. Describe the key strategic challenges facing Apple Computer.
Apple computer has faced many challenges throughout its 24 year history. Steven Jobs left Apple over disagreements with John Scully, whom Jobs recruited as Apples president and CEO and started next.   During Jobs absence from Apple, Apple partnered with IBM and Motorola to produce the Power PC Chip.   One of the key strategic challenges that Apple Computers faced was the loss of the exclusive rights to interface design, due to a poorly negotiated contract. With this loss Apple was now in a position in which it needed to gather d its resources and fight a battle toward standardized software as consumers wanted compatible operating systems and the Macintosh ran exclusively on Mac OS, a system not available to other computers. (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2011)   Apple went through several CEO’s over the next five years.   Jobs returned to Apple a decade later after Apple acquired NeXT with the intent of using its technology for a new operating system.   Apple and Microsoft were...