Teen Moms
What do Teen Moms get out of having babies at an early age?  
When I watch the show Teen Mom, I can honestly say that it is rough having babies at an early age whether you are the mother or the father of the baby. I really believe that it can be a bad influence on teenage girls because they watch the show and believe that it’s okay to have babies with known supporting jobs.   I have seen that there are a lot of teenage girls thinking that having babies at a young age is the right thing to do.   When honestly it’s harder than they think it is and they don’t notice it until it’s too late.
I think that it is really hard on both sides of the baby’s family because they surely end up with the grandparents raising them more than the mother or father.   Just because they could handle all of the responsibilities that comes with raising a baby.   You have to be financial and mentally stable in order to even have a chance of raising a baby in a good environment.   Parents are already going to have a lot of stress on their mind but you have to realize that you have to be strong for the baby.
To me I think that the show is a bad influence on teenage girls in the society today.   I see a lot more teenage girls being pregnant with no support from the dads.   Most of the girls end up being persuaded into having the babies thinking that the father is going to be there.   Then when they have the baby things change and the father gives up and walks away in some cases.   These reasons are a prime example why teenagers should wait at least to when they are eatable enough to take care of the babies without depending on the grandparents.   It seems like to me all of the teenage kids ends up putting a lot of stress on their parents because they can’t support their own babies.   So the grandparents are not going to see there grandbaby’s not being taking care off.  
So I think that everyone should just think about how their baby’s life will be if they are ready to have a baby.   You want...