Appendix C Math 117

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Appendix C

In business, accounting, and many other fields, formulas are frequently used to make predictions about costs or profit.

Solve each problem:
  1.) The manager of a restaurant figures the cost of making coffee is
m = 0.049x,
where m is the cost of making x cups. Find the cost of making 600 cups of coffee.  
29.4 cents per cup of 600 cups of coffee
  2.) Mr. Albertson owns and operates Appealing Apple Pies. A consultant gave him the following formula to analyze his profits
P = 2x – 0.01x2  
Where p is the profit and x is the number of pies baked. Find the profit on 60 pies.
P=118.80 o 60 pies

  3.) The following formula is used by some taxi companies to figure how much to charge for a ride:
C =f + rd,
Where C is the charge for the ride, f is a fixed charge, r is the rate per tenth of a mile, and d is the distance of the ride in tenths of a mile. Find the charge if f is $2.10, the rate is $0.30, and the ride is 25 tenths of a mile.
If the driver usually fills his tank of gas twice, at $50 a time, how many rides does the driver have to give to make his goal of $300 profit a day?
3 rides

  4.) The Jacksons plan a 3-Week trip with a budget of $600 for renting a car. Car rental rates are $135/week plus $0.17/km. Write a   formula to show the number of kilometers the Jacksons can travel.
K= tp+km

How many kilometers can the Jacksons travel based on your formula?