Appendix B

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Appendix B

Picture the Supply Chain

Complete the chart below by outlining the digital content supply chain at Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Upstream Component
Internal Component
manufacturing) Downstream Component

The sourcing and the procurement are from the external supplies.  

The Warner Brothers main supplier is from Hewlett-Packard.

HP gives them a digital platform.   The digital platform is a package of services, software, and hardware.

The HP gives Warner the chance them to manipulate at the high speed.  

The packing, assembly, and manufacturing are taking place at the same place.

The Warner transforming itself into a digital end-to-end business.  

All of their productions are both film and digital versions.

DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray, Apple iTuner, mobile devices and VOD are used for all releases.

The distribution is from the external.

Warner is implementing digital distribution through broadband communications links, DVD, and high-definition television.  

Warner has 6,000 or so motions pictures (most of them are made in the late 1930).  

The Warner have a website that allow fans of various cartoon shows to download new, interactive content, related games, etc.  

Choose one of these components and make a recommendation for an improvement to that area of the supply chain. Explain your reasoning for the change.

I think that the downstream component need to improvement.   Warner Brothers should have more website for others.   The reason why is because the internet is popular and many people go in it, which would help the Warner Brothers to increase their business even more.