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Appendix A

Final Project Overview and Timeline

Final Project Overview

Create a Criminal Justice Opinion Portfolio outlining your opinion on one issue from each of the eight weeks of this class. Select issues about which you feel strongly, and provide the following information for each of your eight distinct opinion essays:

• A definition and the facts of the issue
• Your position on the issue
• Why you believe your opinion is right
• Facts, statistics, and quotations from sources supporting your position
• Why opponents of your issue position should rethink their stance

Dedicate one page to each essay, totaling 2,500-2,800 words. Cite your sources according to APA requirements.

Choose one issue from each week of this list to address in your final project:

Week One:
• Does the press have too much or too little freedom?
• Are the media a real cause of violence and crime, or do they simply report what they see?
• Should the government regulate free speech that contributes to criminal activity?
• Should the government punish members of the press who refuse to reveal their sources?

Week Two:
• Should the media be used to fight crime?
• Do offender deterrence, victimization reduction, and citizen participation programs work?
• Do you agree or disagree with the advancement of media technologies for use in criminal justice and judicial applications?
• How do you feel about the media's influence on public attitudes about crime?
• What is your opinion of the relationship between the media and the formation of criminal justice policy? What about media and moral panics?

Week Three:
• Is excessive use of force is a systematic problem?
• Is police brutality a problem?
• Should the exclusionary rule be abolished?

Week Four:
• How do you feel about recent death penalty legislation? How do you feel about proposed legislation?
• Should the death penalty be abolished?
• Is the death penalty is an effective...