Appendix a

9 steps of accounting cycle
October 6, 2011
Tom Byers

9 steps of accounting cycle
The 9 steps in the accounting cycle summarize all of the information in the financial recording process how each of the cycle works and what to do with each to be successful.
I know that journal transactions are data in a journal and no post of the recording.
In the last phase of the recording process you have to post your recordings to the ledger accounts. When you prepare a trial balance it is required that you list accounts titles with their balances in the same order as listed in the ledger to obtain a normal balance. Data that has to be entered on page J2 of the general journal is journalizing and posting adjusting
entries. When you enter all accounts balances you will be able to generate financial statements after this step preparing an adjusted trial balance. During the year from year to year you prepare financial statements periodically, monthly quarterly, or annually. Completing page J3 of the general journal and the ruling of accounts it usually takes place only at the end of the company’s annual accounting period I am journalizing and posting closing entries. I list permanent accounts and their balances after journalizing and posting closing entries I am preparing a post closing trial balance. During the accounting period I might do this daily classify transactions according to debit and credit I am Analyzing transactions.
This ends the 9 cycles process of accounting and its verifications of each one of the processes and their and their overall functions all of these help company’s in being financial successful and free from worry by mistakes being made in any transactions.

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