Antonio Ryan Bad Arrest


Antonio Ryan, a Security Officer working at Crawley and King, a department store in London’s west end, was patrolling the six customer floors of the building. Antonio was quite new to the position though he had worked in other stores; he had always worked on his own with limited resources. Crawley and King was different, he had the support of an eight man team including a site supervisor for training and guidance, and a CCTV operator to keep watch.
Today in his usual fashion Antonio was keeping an eye on the wine section and around 13:25 Success! A local known thief entered the building not noticing Antonio. Antonio kept a watchful eye as the suspect perused the wine section, though about three minutes later tow customers blocked the only view Antonio had of the suspect. But as the couple left the area and the suspect was leaving Antonio noticed that there was 2 bottles of champagne missing.
Antonio chased the suspect through the shop, shouting “STOP THIEF!” when the suspect turned around Antonio proceeded to block his exit from the store putting his body between the suspect and the door. Antonio then stated “You are a thief and you’re coming with Me.”, the suspect was becoming agitated as there were many customers around and he was beginning to feel humiliated.
An argument ensued as Antonio would not let the suspect pass, and kept calling him a thief, a staff member from the tea section heard the argument, and called the security office, cameras were placed in view of the active incident; another Security officer and the Security Supervisor arrived and sent Antonio away from the suspect. The Security Officer covered the supervisor as he apologized for the behavior of Antonio, and requested that he accompany them to the security office and the suspect agreed.
In the security office The Supervisor asked the suspect if he had taken any goods without payment, the suspect said “no” and voluntarily...