Animal Farm


  The basic role of education in a society.

  (based on “Animal Farm” by G.Orwell)

Megi Zhamo

ENG 105

Lecturer: Timothy Hagen


Essay # 2

Honor Statement: I have neither given or received, nor have I tolerated others’ use of unauthorized aid.                                                   Megi Zhamo

      Nowadays we live in a world where everything is evolving at the speed of light so the role of education in a person’s life is of the utmost importance. However, human society was not the same as it is today when it was first created. At first people based their living only on what nature gave them. With the passing of time they began to use their brains and skills to survive the wild life and thanks to man’s skills today our houses are equipped of the latest technology.

      Throughout history, people always have faced the need to be educated, but this has not always been possible and liberal as it is nowadays. Examples of this are the communist countries which did not offer to their population a proper freedom of thought and of opinion. In these countries people were all forced to believe in the communist principles of their government, they were all forced to work hard and take no benefit of it for themselves but just for their government and the owner of everything and everyone was just one person: the dictator. By reading this description, by all means, we can say that it is similar to the organization of society that Orwell writes on his “Animal Farm”. All animals in the farm were forced to believe and follow strictly The Seven Commandments that were written on the tarred wall in white great letters (16), they worked harder and harder but they always took less food to eat, and they obeyed what Napoleon; their commandant said. However, what is concerning, is the question whether all this would have happened if the animals (referring to “Animal Farm”) and people would have had a proper education? Apparently, no...