Aneas & Gilgamesh

“Aeneas and Gilgamesh”

Aeneas and Gilgamesh both epic heroes who contributes comparable destiny; however, their characters are diverse.
Gilgamesh for instance, was an arrogant tyrant who was part man and part god from Uruk. He was fanatical about proliferating power that only the gods possessed and wanted his inspiration to be known eternally. So therefore, he took it upon himself to effortlessly gain immorality. In doing so, he proved to be assertive with his objective despite it being almost unfeasible. In spite of proving to be more adamant about his fate, unfortunately, he did not succeed in the end. Rather, Gilgamesh returned to the city desolate and gloomed about his failure in attaining immorality and mourning the loss of his companion (Gilgamesh    
On the contrary, Aeneas was indifferent.   He was never arrogant, or shrewd. He was a Trojan hero from Troy, and unlike Gilgamesh, Aeneas allowed the gods to command his actions throughout, instead of worrying about his fate; which was to simply carry out his envisage of founding a new city, Rome, and pleasing the Trojan followers. Indeed he succeeded despite the loss of his family, his people, and homeland. (Aeneas  
So, the trials of Aeneas and Gilgamesh were vastly similar. Both led tragic lives and endured the rage of the gods. Aeneas witnessed his family die, and his home city burned to the ground. Gilgamesh witnessed his best friend die from the gods’ vengeance and was emotionally crushed by it.

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