Andy Is an Irresponsible Character Who Is Reluctant to Admit to His Mistakes (Look Both Ways)

Andy is an irresponsible character who is reluctant to admit to his mistakes
Time taken: 45 mins

In the film ‘Look Both Ways’, Andy a journalist for the local newspaper, struggles to deal with the hardships of life and show sympathy for others. Throughout the film he continues to insult his friends, girlfriend, wife and others. He struggles to live up to the expectations of being a father and struggles with the upcoming responsibilities of becoming a new one. We see through the film Andy act rude and immature towards people however comes to the realisation that everything is not just about him.
Andy never thinks about what he is going to say. He thinks that no one has it as hard as him. When Nick’s photo gets printed in the paper Andy gets extremely aggravated and makes the sarcastic comment, “you may as well die now”. This is ironic because Nick may die soon and Andy’s comment has made Nick more anxious about this . Andy’s article was about Rob and how he thought he jumped to get away from Julia. Such an accusation is extremely hurtful and once again Andy only considered his feelings in this situation. Although we see towards the end Andy feeling extremely remorseful and guilty about the article his attempts to apologise to Julia fail because of his own insecurities about being wrong.
Andy fails to meet the responsibilities of being a parent. He has no connection with his kids and doesn’t know any of their interests. He feels that they are being taken away by his wife but fails to see the flaws of why they are getting more distant towards him. At the end of the movie we see Andy with Anna’s baby taking control and finally being the responsible man he should be. Although it took many series of bad events happening he finally made it and decided to grow up. We see Andy realise the error of his ways and suddenly come from the irresponsible person reluctant to admit to his mistakes to a man who is willing to admit to what he has done wrong and take control of...