Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States.   During his presidency, there were a lot of incidents that occurred such as the Bank War, the Nullification Crisis, the Trail of Tears as well as many others.   Although there were a lot of obstacles to overcome, Jackson made important decisions for what he believed was the good of the country.   There were many people who disagreed with some of the things that Jackson did and some even put him down.   However, Jackson ignored criticisms and stuck to what he thought was best for the country.   Andrew Jackson made a difference when he became president by changing the federal government.
Jackson’s first term in office started on March 4th, 1829.   Three issues dominated his first term.   They were the manner in which the president opposed the doctrine of nullification, the rivalry between Martin Van Buren and Vice President Calhoun, and the decision to oppose the re-chartering of the Bank of the United States (“Andrew Jackson” 2).
The first issue that Jackson had to deal with during the whole first term of his presidency was the “Peggy Eaton Affair” (Badertscher 6).   Peggy Eaton was the wife of Senator John Eaton.   However, before they were married, Peggy was married to a man named John Timberlake who was the purser of the U.S. Navy (7).   While Peggy and John Timberlake were still together, she and John Eaton were having an affair with each other (7).   As soon as everyone in Washington D.C. found out about this, people treated Peggy Eaton like she was a social outcast. Even the wives of Jackson’s cabinet members refused to talk to her.   Jackson soon got fed up and tried to resolve this situation.   He told the

members of his cabinet to ask their wives to accept Mrs. Eaton for who she is.   He also told them to inform their wives that they should treat her kindly and respectfully.   His cabinet replied by saying that they could not control what their wives said and did to others.   So, in 1831, Jackson...