Andrew Jackson- the Common Man

Someone who is for the common man brings forth a sense of confidence for the middle and lower classes. Everyone seems to like this person except for those in the upper class. Andrew Jackson was a president that believed the government was powered by the common man.   He supported the common man in the way he grew up, economically, by removing the Indians, and he believed in the power of the people.
Andrew Jackson was a man who came from where no president had ever come from before. The backwoods of South Carolina proved to be a much harder childhood than six previous presidents. He taught himself to read and write and later became a lawyer.   He had to work from absolutely nothing to become what he was and that gave him the idea that he should give more people like him opportunities. At a young age he joined the military and began to experience what would soon become a successful military career. Being a war hero made him a favorite of many Americans and was a huge reason why he was elected. Another big reason he was elected was because of non land owners becoming able to vote. This gave him an edge and started the era of the common man(Era of the common man). One of the the first things that gave Jackson the common president name was his take on slavery. He was a man that owned a few slaves and it was popular among the common man. However, he believed they should be treated in a favorable manor. Slavery would benefit the common man and gave the south an identity (Andrew Jackson- slavery).
Among all things in a country, the economy is a president’s number one concern.   Andrew Jackson was all for the common man when it came to money. First, he was the only president ever to eliminate a national debt (Andrew Jackson). Second, He felt that the national bank had too much power and only helped those who were in the upper class. This angered him because if it did not help his people then why should it help anyone. He favored the bill because it would benefit him more...