Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson: Command for the Common Man
Andrew Jackson became the seventh President of the United States, the highest position of office in America.   Andrew was not elected president because he was seen as a selfish dictator but because he was a common man. When Andrew Jackson was young he suffered from heavy financial losses. Jackson won respect for his fairness and his willingness to challenge anyone who disputed him to a duel. Andrew Jackson supported the Spoils System completely. Also Jackson was for the people of the United States and believed in supporting states rights. Lastly, Jackson served for his country and was one of the only presidents to pay of the national debt. Many people may think he was a selfish dictator but the following arguments will show you different.
Andrew Jackson should be considered common man for many reasons. Andrew believed in the Spoils System. This was the practice of appointing people to government jobs on the basis of party loyalty and support. Andrew chose the people to be in cabinet that he knew would be loyal to him because they elected him for president. The spoils system eliminated all the seasoned and experienced politicians and replaced them with citizens who he thought were capable of the job. This was smart because the cabinet would be more united. This was a good move on Andrew Jackson’s part.

Andrew Jackson defended the political and economic rights of common people. President Jackson looked to increase the number of offices directly elected by the people in any way. He also sought to restore an economic system that protected the rights of small producers rather than corporations and the wealthy. This is because Jackson did not grow up rich and he knows how the small producers struggle.

Jackson found a way to pay off the national debt. Andrew was moderate on the tariff issues. He considered it necessary to ensure the production of goods necessary for national defense and security. Also he felt it was...