Analysis Paper

Allan Johnson
Krystina Zeit
English 1010

The start of this book creates a lot of themes. For 1 this story background is the time of   the Vietnam War. In the Vietnam war the north and the south were at war with each other and since the united states where allies with south Vietnam, we were kind of like the police department, so the united states played its part to help fight for peace.
This story brought out a lot of mental emotion, physical emotion, tragedy and solutions of a lot of the characters as well as this story. Tim O'Brien is drafted one month after graduating from Macalester College to fight a war he hated. Tim O'Brien believed he was above the war, and as a result pursued the alternative of escaping across the border to Canada thinking that he would be able to get away. This understandable act is what Tim O'Brien considers an embarrassment to himself, and to others. When Tim O'Brien finds somewhere to live on the border to Canada, he meets Elroy Berdahl who eventually influences Tim O'Brien, to change for the better to bring out the better man from within himself. Elroy Berdahl acts as a mentor to Tim, a figure that remains detached in the sense that he must provide enough support and understanding without being attached to the outcome of your decisions.
The theme of this story line comes out with responsibilities and strenuous Situations that brings even the reader to realty to choose your destiny as well as the future that will set the tone for years on. Each character in this story all carried emotional baggage of men who might die. Grief, terror, love, longing, they had physical weight."   Another character that we can look at that brought the example of life decisions, was Lieutenant Cross. Cross is in love with a girl named Martha, and carries letters, and pictures she has sent him as well as a compass, maps, code books, binoculars, a .45 caliber pistol and a strobe light,". He also carries a good-luck pebble he received from...