Analysis of Ethical Dilemma

Analysis of Ethical Dilemma from Current Events
Britteny Baxter
NRS 437V Grand Canyon University
Ethical Decision Making in Health Care
June 12, 2011

An Ethical Dilemma in Neonatal Care
Ethical dilemmas in the health care setting, such as neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) present themselves daily. It is imperative that the health care worker be able to understand when an ethical dilemma presents itself and know how to deal with the dilemma in the best interest of all involved. For this paper, ethics are defined as “the applied philosophical study of right actions or how healthcare professionals may struggle to do what is right or good for their patients” (medscape).   Many ethical dilemmas that health care workers face are difficult. There is no easy fix and often the result is upsetting. Occasionally, an ethical committee is needed to offer solutions and direction.
      The article published in 2011 by Pediatrics: Cardiac Disease and Critical Care Medicine, titled “Ethical Issues in Neonatal Care” will be analyzed according to Uustal’s decision-making model. This paper will also address primary ethical issues raised in neonatal medicine and caring for critically ill newborns.   Personal values and ethical theories will be addressed and applied as well as how the situation may be handled differently.
Ethical Problem
For more than forty years, neonatal medicine has provided specialized and intensive care measure aimed at improving health and survival of premature and critically ill newborns. At this time in society, the result of the progress is mixed. There is a substantial decline in the mortality of premature infants and handicap but significant morbidity remained steady of near all gestational ages and weights. Despite this information, “the rate of prematurity or low birth weight babies has not declined in the United States; in fact it has risen” (medscape). Furthermore, the rate of birth defects remains constant and infant mortality remains higher...